For the support of all types of loyalty programs

Card Workmate Rewards is the product of the Card Workmate family designed as promotions manager and bonus calculation engine for all those entities, of any branch of the industry, commerce, and business, interested in the operation and maintenance of loyalty programs at the service of their marketing, financial, commercial or promotional interests.

Card Workmate Rewards is an up-to-date and complete solution that includes all the necessary functions and tools required for the definition of parameters and rules related to any promotion type or prize draw -without any limitation in terms of complexity- and for the calculation of their associated bonus results.

Like all the products that comprise the Card Workmate suit, Card Workmate Rewards can be installed as part of a complete solution together with other members of the family -Card Workmate Management, Card Workmate Clearing, Card Workmate Online- or as an independent solution in cooperation with proprietary bank or card management systems from other suppliers through well defined interfaces.

Because of its special architecture - all the promotion rules and calculation logic reside in the database-, Card Workmate Rewards is an open solution that can be configured and adapted to the changes and new trends of the different loyalty programs without need of programming, guaranteeing an unparallel time-to-market and its later evolution and minimum maintenance.

The power and adaptability of Card Workmate Rewards reside in the free definition of promotion rules that determine the total amount of bonus granted to an individual operation or to a group of transactions:

• Calculation methods or defined formulas from any set of information items on the database for the calculation of points

• Special conditions or defined rules from any set of information items on the database which determine if the results obtained by the calculation method are finally granted to the transaction

• Calendars or sets of time periods within the calculation methods and special conditions apply

• Precedences or procedures to apply when a transaction falls into the range of two or more promotions, calendars or calculation methods which once evaluated determine the points to grant to an individual operation or to a group of transactions.

Card Workmate Rewards is a proven solution that has demonstrated its flexibility and adaptation skills to all kind of loyalty programs along its different implementations. It is available for Oracle database engines in Unix and MS Windows platforms, which guarantees its support in the short and long terms, as well as scalability and theoretically unlimited processing capacity.