About us

Procsis Sistemas is a Spanish software house dedicated to the development of applications, and specialized in the area of electronic payment methods. Since 1997, Procsis Sistemas has served and crafted a variety of integrated solutions for its clients in Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, England, Belgium, Croatia and Spain.

Given the importance of our clients, all of them are number one in market quota of their respective sectors and geographic areas; and given their confidence and trust in our company in the search of computer solutions for their strategic projects; and because of the special characteristics necessary for the electronic payment applications -reliability, performance, high availability, and great capacity of process-, all of our efforts have been addressed to the development of applications that, by using the present and proven technology of the market, allows us to offer our clients present and future solutions on a base of quality and strong commitment.

Within our product range, the Card Workmate family is the solution developed by Procsis Sistemas that incorporates all necessary functions and tools for the management of every aspects related to the life cycle of credit card programs.

Because of the products modular structure, either by themselves or in connection with other supplier packages, they can be configured to provide solutions for the support of all types of card programs. Some examples are credit, debit, electronic purse, e-cash, payment systems for mobile phones, private label cards, service, identification, and loyalty cards for shopping malls, sport clubs, fairgrounds, City councils, administration, etc.

All the products of the Card Workmate suit include support for all the current card technologies in the market -magnetic strip, bar codes, Multos, WFSandJava Card. They are compliant with the various rules and industry standards and have been certified by domestic and international networks when required.

In addition, thanks to the special design, flexibility and adaptability of the software modules and user interfaces that incorporate our products, Procsis Sistemas has all means necessary to develop, in record time, applications related to the financial and electronic payment environment, as with any other field of the industry, commerce, leisure or administration.

Also, and because of the technical and business knowledge of our staff, Procsis Sistemas is in the position to offer a full scope of professional services including consultancy, systems integration, training, analysis, project management and programming force.

Because of all this, we hope to have very soon the opportunity to present your organization, in a more personal and detailed manner, our offer of solutions and services, and to count on your confidence and our resolution in a very near future.