Protection against fraud today and tomorrow

Card Workmate Fraudwatch is the product of the Card Workmate family designed for those organizations in the search of protection mechanisms against fraudulent behaviours that negatively affect their business activities and accounting results.

Card Workmate Fraudwatch is a new and complete solution that includes all the necessary functions and tools for detecting, monitoring in real time, preventing and halting those possible fraudulent behaviours on their merchants and cardholders activities.

Like all the products that comprise the Card Workmate suit, Card Workmate Online could be installed as part of a complete solution with the other components of the family -Card Workmate Management, Card Workmate Clearing, Card Workmate Rewards and Card Workmate Online- or as an independent solution in conjunction with proprietary bank or card management systems from other suppliers, through well defined interfaces.

Because of its special design -all the alarm rules and detection logic reside in the database-, Card Workmate Fraudwatch is an open solution that can be adapted to the changes in the different fraudulent typologies and trends with no need of programming, guaranteeing an unparallel time-to-market and minimising its later evolution and maintenance.

The power and adaptability of Card Workmate Fraudwatch reside in the free definition of:

• values to the possible field contents in the authorization and transaction messages for the fraud probability evaluation (fraud score)

• rules configured by means of wizards, which are internally stored as dynamically executable SQL sentences, and can be used any times in different fraud cases

• fraud cases -a set of rules that must be fulfilled so that an authorization or transaction is considered fraudulent-, and the possible actions to be taken by operators either in a manual way or automatically by the system

• communication rules to cardholders and system operators in connection with Card Workmate GSM.

The Card Workmate Fraudwatch user interface is based on the development of the explorer idea and has been specially designed so that all the associate information and its functions are easily accessible by system operators through intuitive and simple mouse operations -icons, buttons, drag and drop functions, popup menus, filters, etc.

Card Workmate Fraudwatch is a proven, powerful and reliable solution that incorporates all the VISA regulations for the monitor of fraudulent behaviours, and is available for UNIX and MS Windows platforms, which guarantees its support in the short and long terms, as well as scalability and theoretically unlimited processing capacity.