Security and control over the interchange

Card Workmate Clearing is the product of the Card Workmate family designed to be the connecting tool for the interchange of information between issuers, acquirers and the domestics and international card networks.

As all products that comprise the Card Workmate suit, Card Workmate Clearing could be installed as a part of a complete solution, in conjunction with the other members of the family -Card Workmate Management, Card Workmate Online, Card Workmate Fraudwatch-, or as an independent application in cooperation with proprietary bank or card management systems from other suppliers, through well defined interfaces.

Card Workmate Clearing is a complete solution that includes all the necessary functions and tools for the generation, management and process of all aspects related to the presentment and interchange of original transactions messages, dispute cycles, fraud records, and credits and debits between financial entities.

Because of its open architecture -all the file formats, messages and interchange rules reside in the database-, Card Workmate Clearing is an evolving solution that can be adapted and shaped to the regular changes in the formats and mandates from the domestic and international card schemas -or for the implementation of new ones- in an easy manner and record time, guaranteeing an unparallel time-to-market and minimising its later maintenance.

The Card Workmate Clearing user interface has been built upon the explorer concept, and specially designed in a way that all the information and its associate functions are easily accessible and recognizable by means of simple and intuitive mouse operations -icons, buttons, drag and drop, popup menus, filters, etc - and made up of a series of well differentiated modules - Incoming/Outgoing Explorer, Message Errors Explorer, Disputes Explorer, Fees Explorer, Fraud Explorer, Dispute Codes Administrator, System Tables Maintenance Explorer, Security Module, Processes Module and Reports Module.

Due to the special characteristics and sensitivity of the information it handles, Card Workmate Clearing incorporates a complete users module, which allows a detailed configuration and audit of user groups or particular users and their respective access to the various modules and their different functions, tools, and information items.

Card Workmate Clearing is a proven solution that has been certified by the international networks for the clearing, settlement and fraud information interchange of Europay ECCF, SAFE and VISA BaseII formats. It is available for Oracle database engines in Unix and MS Windows platforms, which guarantees its support in the short and long terms, as well as scalability, performance and processing capacity theoretically unlimited.