Just one product, multiple applications

Card Workmate Management is the product of the Card Workmate suite designed as an integrated and complete solution for the management and operation of all aspects related to the life cycle of portfolios of customers, cards, merchants and acquiring devices. Card Workmate Management is a modern product that combines the knowledge and experience accumulated from more than fifteen years implementing payment system solutions all over the world, using the most up-to-date technologies, methods and tools for design and development.

Because of its special architecture -the whole of application logic and all the business rules reside in the database- Card Workmate Management could be adapted and configured in record time to the specific needs of every client and type of card, no matter if they are financial -credit, debit, e-cash, electronic purse-, payment systems for mobile phones, private label cards, service, identification, and loyalty cards for shopping malls, sport clubs, fairgrounds, City councils, administration, or any combination of them based on then existing technologies in the market -magnetic strip, bar codes, Multos, WFSC, Java Card etc.

As examples of its proven and unparallel time-to-market, we have already available Card Workmate Loan -financing system for the management of consumer credits-, and Card Workmate Mobile Payment -payment system with mobile telephones-, two solutions derived from a simple engineering and configuration process of Card Workmate Management.

The power of Card Workmate Management resides mainly in its database, specially designed to support complex relations between its multiple entities: processors, issuers, acquirers, products, application forms, contracts, card designs, customers, merchants, currencies, acquirer devices, languages of communication, settlement methods, etc.

By means of intensive use of proved and modernconcepts -profiles, objects, inheritance, referential integrity, logic of business in triggers, functions and procedures, workflow processes, etc- Card Workmate Management is a versatile tool, robust, reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

The user interface of Card Workmate Management is completely configurable both in functionality and security. It can be used upon an installable module on conventional workstations, or by means of any standard browser across the Internet or corporate intranets. This duality allows Card Workmate Management to be the perfect solution for its implantation in ASP environments, and for the support of mobile and remote users.

Card Workmate Management is available for Unix and MS Windows platforms, which guarantees its support in the short and long term, as well as scalability and processing capacity theoretically unlimited.