A range of solutions for every need

As a complement to the principal products of the Card Workmate family -Management, Clearing, Online, Rewards and Fraudwatch- at Chip Card Technology we have developed a complete range of additional modules in order to provide services and solutions to each and every need of our clients.

Card Workmate Archiving is a utility that allows the archiving in a selective manner of the obsolete information on all databases of the Card Workmate products. As the archived information is kept in files with compressed format, it is also possible its later incorporation to the database when required.

Card Workmate Terminal is the solution to support all the functionalities associated with the acquisition of transactions in POS devices carried out with magstrip or chip cards, as well as all the necessary functions for the terminal operation -remote configuration, downloads/uploads of black lists, offline operations, etc.

Card Workmate Guardian is an application that in conjunction with Card Workmate Online allows the establishment of rules for the protection of the authorization system against fraudulent attacks.

Card Workmate> Workflow is a module for the connection of Card Workmate Management, Online, Fraudwatch and Rewards with other external systems - authorization centers, host bank systems, credit bureaus, scorings, etc- for the easy interchange of information in a transactional mode with a minimum programming effort.

Card Workmate Website is the product that in cooperation with Management, Clearing, Online and Rewards allows a simple access to the final users of the systems -cardholders and merchants- to their related information across the Internet, using secure connections (SSL), and cryptographic certificates for a total authentication and confidentiality of the transactions performed.

Card Workmate Call Center is a transactional module designed for the interchange of information in the databases of Management, Clearing, Online and Rewards with other external systems by means of the interchange of a set of predefined messages. It offers diverse queries and maintenance services on customer, merchants and their associate accounts, as well as record of incidences.

Card Workmate GSM is a solution that allows the connection of the Card Workmate products with mobile phones for sending all kinds of SMS messages and recorded voice calls.

Card Workmate Reports is a module to easily generate ad-hoc reports from the information on all databases of the Card Workmate products.

Card Workmate VirtualPOS is an interface for connecting Online with manual authorization processing centers or external acquiring systems -cash registers, billing, electronic commerce, etc.

Card Workmate Loyalty is a complete package elaborated from Card Workmate Management, Online and Rewards, for all those entities who want to easily implement loyalty programs in record time.