The solution for the management of all card portfolios

Card Workmate is the complete, modular, flexible, powerful and standard software solution, developed by Procsis for all organizations, of any branch of the industry or commerce, interested in the operation of card programs at the service of their financial or promotional business objectives.

Card Workmate is complete. It incorporates all necessary and required functions and tools for the support of every type of credit, debit, e-cash, or electronic purse cards, payment systems for mobile phones, private label, service, identification, and loyalty cards for shopping malls, sport clubs, fairgrounds, City councils, administration, or any combination of them based on then existing technologies in the market -magnetic strip, bar codes, Multos, WFSC, Java Card, etc.

Card Workmate is modular and flexible. It has been developed as a highly parameterized family of products which, sharing the same technology and user interfaces, could be jointly or individually installed to interact with other systems through well defined interfaces:

· Card Workmate Management for the management and operation of cards, merchants and acquisition points portfolios.

· Card Workmate On-line. Interface manager for acquiring transaction devices - POS's, ATM, mobile telephones, electronic commerce- and the connections with the domestic and international authorization networks -Europay, VISA, MasterCard, Dinners, Amex, 4b, SEMP, BKM, etc- and with other systems or processing centers.

· Card Workmate Rewards. Promotion definitions and bonus calculation for loyalty programs.

· Card Workmate Clearing for the management, operation and interchange of presentments, disputes and fraud information messages with the domestic and international clearing and settlement systems of the card payment schemas -Europay, VISA, MasterCard, 4b, SEMP, BKM, etc.

· Card Workmate Fraudwatch for the detection, monitoring and management of suspicious and fraudulent activities of merchants and cardholders.

· A complete variety of additional modules -Archiving, Terminal, Guardian, Workflow, Website, Call Center, GSM, Reports, VirtualPOS- designed to provide solutions to each and every of our clients needs.

All the Card Workmate products have proved to be powerful and reliable as they have been used by our clients in live environments with high processing volumes. Developed using the most up-to-date techniques and tools, their portability to the most popular hardware and software platforms in the market guarantees a solution of continuity, and a capacity of process and storage theoretically unlimited.

Card Workmate is a standard solution as their products are compliant with the different rules and regulations from the industry and have been certified by the domestic and international card networks when required.